Parlux 3200 Compact Silver

Parlux 3200 Compact Silver

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The professional AC motor afford the 3200 dryer an airflow of 69 cubic mtrs/hour, which makes the Parlux 3200 compact one of the most powerful hairdryers in professional salons.

Not only does the Parlux 3200 have incredible power, but it only weighs in at 490 grams and measures a tiny 20cm, which will help in reducing operating fatigue - a common problem with heavier hairdryers. This combination of its light weight and power makes the Parlux 3200 Hairdryer the most sought after hairdryer.

  • Features the Revolutionary "K Lamination" motor

  • It's lighter, more durable, and very powerful

  • 1900 Watts, airflow 69m³/hr, weighs only 490g, measures only 20cm

  • Includes 2 concentrator styling nozzles