Gamma Pui I.E.S. Green

Gamma Pui I.E.S. Green

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Gamma Piu IES – “Intelligent Energy Saving” dryer is designed with the planet close to the heart of Gamma Piu. The IES uses less energy yet performs like  2500 watt dryer with power and heat but uses up to 42% less electricity.

This dryer is a real must for clients who wish to save energy and conserve the planet, without having to compromise on performance.The fully recyclable body and packaging made with recycled cardboard highlight Gamma Piu’s focus on energy savings and an environmentally sustainable world.

Technical Info

Wattage: 1450w
Air flow: 102m³/h.
Weight: 500g

The Gamma Piu IES Dryer is 100% Italian designed and manufactured and comes with a 12 month warranty.