Affinage Ice Cream Bleach Mint

Affinage Ice Creme Powder Lightener 500g - Fresh Mint

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Ice Crème does not contain any odorous ingredients, allowing the use of a delicate Fresh Mint fragrance. Ice Crème’s amazing dust free, on scalp formulation mixes to a creamy gel consistency, unlike normal bleaches, which makes for easier application as the product does not dry or flake during the lightening process.
Ice Crème’s incredible lifting ability means it can be used with much lower volumes of developer – it will achieve levels of lift with 3% (10vol) and 6% (20vol) that would normally be associated with using 9% (30 vol) and 12% (40vol) with traditional bleaches. This performance, combined with it’s advanced ammonia free formulation mean that Ice Crème is much kinder to the hair, leaving it in beautiful condition.